About us

Founded in 1996, El Nino Systems Ltd. is the the market leader for refurbished, used, and new servers, storage, networking and enterprise hardware worldwide. Supported by established private equity institutions, El Nino Systems serves more than 4,000 customers worldwide, processes over 4,000 transactions per month, holds a multi-million dollar inventory and employs over 100 people worldwide. While our international headquarters are in Ramat Gan, Israel, El Nino Systems has headquarters in both the United States and China and has hundreds of partners worldwide.

We support most manufacturer lines including Classic Digital, Compaq, HP, Sun, Cisco, Memorex Telex, and STK product. We also provide custom service and maintenance programs which include providing hot spare components and full backup systems. Some products that we offer are storage arrays, disk drives, tape libraries, tape drives, storage shelves, controller shelves, controllers, memory, CPUs, cabinets, system upgrades, system parts, cables, adapters, switches, routers, to name a few.

El Nino Systems helps enterprises increase the yield of their IT investment and improve IT asset manageability. This is achieved in three key ways: first, by providing fully tested refurbished, used, and new hardware solutions; second, by facilitating the economical acquisition of system components and parts, upgrades and replacements; and third, by purchasing surplus hardware, thereby maximizing residual returns for customers. Unlike new IT equipment vendors, El Nino Systems is driven exclusively by customer requirements, responding to customer-triggered requests to source or dispose of specific systems. El Nino Systems' customers can extend the lifecycle of existing installations and more flexibly manage their IT infastructure, including delaying upgrades and thus increasing return on investment (ROI) and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).

Whether you are buying a single disk drive or a large system, we guarantee our product will look and perform similar to new. We are committed to building long term partnerships with our customers and vendors in an effort to best meet their individual needs.