Whether you want new or used, we provide the highest quality of technical testing and refurbishing in the industry. We ship every product tested, complete and guaranteed to work. We stock a large inventory of HP, IBM, Cisco, and Sun Microsystems hardware ready to ship immediately. Our sales, technical and customer service teams are committed to providing your company with the highest quality computer equipment at the most competitive price.

Our extensive list of inventory makes it impossible for us to list all of the products on our website. For prices and product configuration assistance, please contact us today!

We specialize in hardware from the following manufacturers:

DEC / COMPAQ / HP - Full Line - Alpha / VAX, Storageworks, Networking, Enterprise Virtual Arrays, SANs, Tape Libraries, Spare Parts, Upgrades, Proliant Servers and Spares. Examples: DS10 / DS10L, DS20, DS20E, DS25, ES40, ES45, ES47, ES80, RA3000, MA8000, EMA12000, EVA12000, EMA16000, GS80, GS140 , GS160, GS320, ESL9000 series AS4100, AS8X00, TL895-H7, TL891-NE, MSL series libraries, and much more.

IBM - Full line - Entry Level / Midrange / Enterprise / Servers / Workstations, SCSI Storage, SSA Storage, SP2, Spare Parts, and Upgrades. Examples: SP2, 7133-D40, 2104-DU3, 7026-H50, H70, 6H1,B80, / 7025-F50, F80, 6F1, 7017-S7A, S80, / 7046-B50, 7044-170 / 270, 7205-311, 7028-6E1, 6C1, and much more.

HP 9000 - Full line of HP-UX Servers, Workstations, Storage, SAN’s, Tape Libraries, Spare Parts and upgrades. Examples: Superdome, RP8400, RP74x0, RP54x0, RP24xx, N-Class, L-class, K-class, D-class, A-class, C-class, B-class, J-class, A5864A, A6115A, A6146A, A6805A, A6687A, A6688A, A6144B, A3639C, A5992A, A7277B, A6070A, A6055B, A4981A, A6016A, A7207A, A5616A, A5277A, A5701B, A5951A, A6265, and much more.

Sun Microsystems - Full line of Servers, Workstations, Upgrades, Spare Parts and Storage Soloutions. Examples: Netra, E15000, V880, V480, Sunfire3800,E250,E220R, E450, E420R, X-options, Sunfire 4810, Ultra 80’s, Ultra 60’s, Sunfire 4800, Sunfire 6800, Sunblade 100, Sunblade 2000.

Cisco/Networking - Full line of Networking equipment including Switches, Hubs, Routers, etc... Examples: Catalyst 4000/5000/6000 Switches and Modules, 5000/7500 Series Routers, Network Modules, Port adapters, 2900 Series Switches, 3400 Series Routers, VXR Compatible PA’s / NM’s, 6500 Series Routers.