El Nino prides itself in taking complete responsibility and accountability for every solution we implement, whether it involves co-ordinating a number of service providers, departments or interfacing to a multitude of systems.

In addition to customized and tailored solutions, we offer the following services:

Custom Maintenance Programs - OEM's traditionally charge excessive monthly maintenance amounts for servers and storage that are considered "legacy products" and are past their OEM warranty period. This equipment is typically a year old and beyond. Trouble is, this equipment runs a vital application to your business but the cost to maintain is excessive. We provide custom programs that give our customers the same level of support they expect but at a fraction of the cost from the OEM's. It's innovative, maintains your current level of responsiveness to critical situations, and is extremely cost effective. Please, contact us today for more details!

VMS, Solaris, Unix, Linux, Windows - We support and provide add ons, upgrades, and fully integrated server solutions for all of these operating systems. Our expertise in server and storage integration, combined with our extensive inventory and global supply channel, allows us to be extremely competitive and responsive to our customer needs.

Disaster Recovery - Along with our partners we provide Managed Data Network Services for wide area networking with network redirection to Business Recovery Services centers. Built into your network, this feature redirects network traffic to a BRS site that provides backup and disaster recovery, and enables your control center to resume operations quickly in the event of a disaster.

Data Management and Storage - Managed Storage Solution reduces risk and guesswork by delivering storage capabilities and technical expertise when and where you need it - at a predictable price and performance level. We help create a network of storage capacity for your business that allows new capacity to be easily integrated with existing capacity - without costly capital investments.

Rentals And Leasing - Financial flexibility is important to growing, maintaining, and refreshing your IT infrastructure. Our programs, backed by a promotional "LIFETIME PARTS WARRANTY", allow our customers to maximize IT budgets and decrease their maintenance costs in one solution. Please, contact us today for more details!

Consignment / Trade In of Excess Equipment - Do you have decommissioned computer equipment in your data center? Are you thinking of refreshing your technology? Are there operating systems, storage management, or user licenses with this equipment? Do you know they have value? Maximize that value by consulting with us. We have consignment programs, give you purchasing credit with trade in, or pay you cash for your excess equipment.
Are you always buying from the same channel at the "usual" discount level? Are you aware that excess new, remanufactured, and B stock computer equipment potentially carries the same warranty, with the same performance, at a discounted price compared to brand new equipment? Are you purchasing software or operating system licenses? Would your OEM sales rep advise you that you do not need them? Would they offer any equipment alternative other than new? We do not think so! Let us assist you on your next purchase and increase your savings and reduce your headaches.